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In commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of STAR TREK®, John Long
and John Long Props & Models are proud to announce the first
completely screen-accurate Classic STAR TREK Hand Phaser® kit!

Created by Hollywood special effects artist John Long, and made with
the benefit of an extensive examination of the only known existing
original screen-used hero Phaser, this kit is expertly crafted down to
the smallest detail. Everything from the hand-laminated fiberglass
body to the ingenious internal mechanism has been faithfully
reproduced to bring to you for the first time ever a truly accurate
re-creation of the actual filming props used on set in the 1960s.

More Than Just Another Phaser Replica

This kit will enable you to build an exacting replica of the "Hero" Hand
Phaser prop. The Hero version of the Hand Phaser did much more than just look
cool. It was designed for use when a close-up or "insert shot" of
the prop was needed. So yes, they were finished to a higher degree
than the background and stunt props, but there's more...

The Hero Hand Phaser was cleverly designed to incorporate a few very
interesting working features. When the knurled brass thumbwheel was
rotated forward, the acrylic sight would flip upward, lifting the sight
cowling and simultaneously extending the acrylic beam emitter out of
the brass emitter housing. The Phaser is now in the fire position. Once
you are ready to fire your Phaser, you simply rotate the thumbwheel
the last increment igniting the tiny grain-o-wheat bulb which is clearly
visible inside the acrylic emitter. This light was used in the original
design to provide a clear point-of-origin for the post production optical
effects artists to create the beam animation. It's these details that
have made the Classic STAR TREK Hand Phaser one of the most
recognizable and sought-after science fiction prop icons!

Period Materials

Your Phaser will look and work just like the originals, but it gets better!
Each component of this kit is carefully crafted using the same
materials used on the original props! Once you have assembled this
incredible kit, you will be the very proud owner of a museum-quality
re-creation of the most famous weapon in sci-fi television history.

Finally, the opportunity to have your very own, exact replica of the
original working Hero Hand Phaser prop!

And check out the instructions!

Each kit contains detailed instructions on how to assemble and finish
your replica just like the pros! You'll learn closely-guarded tricks of the
trade used by STAR TREK special effects artists Jimmy Rugg and Wah
Ming Chang, as well as modern-day methods used by the kit's creator.
If you’re interested in props and special effects, the instructions
alone are worth the price of the kit!

By a Fan, For the Fans

How is such a fantastic kit even possible? Because the kit's creator is a
lifelong STAR TREK fan. John Long's first Hollywood jobs actually came
from pros who admired the Phaser replicas he made as a teenager!
Over the years, John made special effects miniatures for STAR TREK:
Deep Space Nine®, STAR TREK: Voyager®, and STAR TREK:
Enterprise®, as well as countless other movies, television shows, and
theme parks. Meanwhile, John has researched Original Series
STAR TREK props as no one else has, patiently paving the long
road to the perfect STAR TREK prop replica. Finally a hand-crafted,
lovingly made STAR TREK replica that is truly made by a fan,
for the fans.


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