John Long has been in involved in the entertainment industry for most of his life. As a young boy, he began by acting in commercials. His hobbies were science-fiction and the fantasy of Walt Disney. These interests blossomed into a career when his home-made Star Trek phaser replicas caught the attention of movie special effects artists--who promptly suggested him for a job making a complex spaceship for a Sci-Fi Channel movie.

Since then John Long has enjoyed employment with many leading producers, directors, actors and major film, television, and entertainment companies including Universal Studios, New Line Pictures, Lorimar Television, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Studios, and Buena Vista Pictures. John's talent has allowed him to remain professionally employed as a specialty prop artist for over ten years. During this period John also worked on many projects for Disneyland Park in California and Tokyo, Japan. John's tenure with Imagineering gave him the opportunity to contribute to the magic of one of his boyhood institutions, Disneyland.

His versatility has made him a valued commodity for not only the demanding field of motion pictures, theme park design, and television, but has allowed him to become the premier authority on 1960's Star Trek hand props. His expertise has afforded him the respect of the Star Trek fan and collecting community, garnered him a spot on the Star Trek Original Series Third Season DVD boxed set, and earned him the invitation to write three articles for Star Trek Communicator magazine. John showcases in these articles his years of research and explains the procedures for his exacting replication of the hand props from Star Trek's Original Series.

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