Deep Red

The Sci-Fi Channel

Main "title" spacecraft
(Shown work in progress)

Laminated red acrylic
cut, and polished

All facets created by
laminating .25" acrylic
sheet Some facets consisted
of as many as 10 painstakingly
bubble free laminations.

Facets were cut out,
poished, and assembled
into spacecraft's final shape
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                                                       VR TROOPERS
                                                   Saban Entertainment

                                                         Trooper Armor


  Spaceship fighter pilot cockpit harness buckles.

Project Manager
  Fabricated patterns, made molds to accept
  existing plastic latches, made castings,and
  applied paint and finish to castings.

   Made patterns, multiple molds, imbedded tack-
   backs during casting. Did finish painting.,
Alien Costume - various aspects of construction & assembly  
This page contains props made for film, television, stage, and props comissioned by other companies.
Chig Rifle Bayonet
This presentation piece is the actual wooden pattern
from which all of the Chig bayonets were cast
                Chig Rifle

  Project manager for Chig Rifle.
  Sculpted, cast, assembled, and
  painted. Made to work with pyro.

  Photo from  "Profiles in History"
  auction. Battered, screen  used

              BOBA FETT RIFLE

  Full scale, scratch built replica of
  Boba Fett's blaster weapon.
  Made when reference was not
  commonly available.
  Created for Don Post Studios, and
  used as the master tooling for the
  weapon held by each of  the full
  sized Boba Fett figures sold by
  Don  Post Studios


  Spaceship fighter pilot cockpit harness buckles.

Project Manager
  Spaceship "fighter-Pilot" Cockpit harness buckles:
  Pattern, molds, castings, paint and finish.

   Spaceship "pilot's wings":
   Patterns, multiple molds, imbedded tack-
   backs during casting. Paint and finish,
All aspects of paint and finish. Fine detail paintwork on helmets and armor plates. Installed visors,  Created ventilation ports,  Placed and installed
joining clips.
personal appearance suits

Saban Entertainment

Responsible for fit and finish of 200 fiberglass Powe rRanger helmets.

Cleaned rough fiberglass castings, cut visor aperatures & ventilation,
attached closures, applied paint finishes, installed liners and padding.
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