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Welcome to my Star Trek props page. Pictured below are several of the Trek Prop
replicas that were featured in my articles in the Star Communicator Magazine.

PLEASE NOTE: None of these items are for sale.
You are welcome to contact me, but please not requesting Star Trek items.

Star Trek landing party set.
Scratch built, from period materials
                           The Classic Communicator Prop

  Designed and built by Wah Chang. The Classic Communicator  is one of science fictions' most beloved props. Painstakingly recreated using period materials and the same manufacturing methods, the above replicas are an exact recreation of the Communicator Props used on set in the 1960's.

From left to right; Static "wavy line", the "Hero" with stopwatch driven moire, and the "Static Spider" moire

HERE to see an MOV. of the Hero Moire in action
A closer look at the "Hero"
                                                                      The small but powerful hand Phaser
Like the communicator, the hand Phaser, or Phaser 1 as it's sometimes referred to,enjoys an almost cult following as one of the most popular  icons in the Star Trek universe.  Although seldom seen on screen, the "hero" version of this prop boasted a couple of ingenious mechanical  features. With the forward rotation of the thumbwheel, the sight hood would raise and the acrylic beam emitter would extend.  The beam emitter was fitted with a small light bulb that would illuminate at the end of full rotation of the thumbwheel. This would allow the opticals department to properly locate the Phaser beam animation.
                                                                                              Pistol Phaser
A stunningly effective combination of 1930's Art Deco and 1960's Modernism come together to create one of the most recognizable science fiction weapons of all time.  By engaging the Phaser I into it's pistol shaped counterpart the crewmember is now equipped with Phaser II, an amazingly powerful and precise sidearm.  The Hero version, Complete with removable powerpack handle, Rotating aluminium nozzle, extending beam emitter, and push button lock release mechanism for securing phaser I is a remarkable example of 1960's propmaking ingenuity.
A cut-away shot of my replica Hero Phaser reveals it's many internal mechanical intricacies
Replica shown, built and finished to faithfully replicate distressed condition of original screen-used item.
Non-distressed version.
Non-distressed version on hand
crafted acrylic display stand.
The Hero Pistol Phaser prop as it appeared in the  first few episodes, prior to recieving
it's new paint scheme and metal upgrades at the hands of master propmaker Wah Chang.
   On the day I documented the hero phaser, I was also given the
   opportunity to include this background, or "stunt" phaser in my

   This lightweight, sturdy, somewhat nondesrript version of the
   pistol phaser actually enjoyed the most screen-time of any of
   the phaser incarnations. They were  created to be worn on the
   costumes, and used in scenes where the prop needed to be
   knocked out of the hands of an actor, or be similarly abused.

                               TWO REPLICA  "STUNT" PHASERS
                                     Recreated to exacting detail

              Top Right,  As fresh from the Desilu prop department,
              First season Black & white paint scheme.

             Bottom Right,  Shown with upgraded paint scheme,
             and simulated stage wear.
                                                                                             THE TRICORDER
                                                                              A piece of the Enterprise on a strap           

The Tricorder is a combination sensor, recorder and computer - hence the name "Tricorder".  An all-seeing all-knowing hand held oracle, the laptop computer of the 60's. Like the communicator, the Tricorder was designed and built by Wah Chang.  Wah used similar design elements to create a unity between the Tricorder and the communicator. Thus establishing a certain continuity and convincing us that both props belonged in the same universe.
Just for fun - A small deliberately grainy, black & white picture
of my replica Tricorder (on right)  to mimic the shot of the
original Hero (on left) in the book The Making of Star Tre

The opportunity of a lifetime and the beginning of a journey.
Like with all of the props on Star Trek there were both Hero, and non-Hero versions. To round-out my landing party set, I decided to re-create the Hero version. Complete with removable data disc, working access doors, and a genuine leather strap, here is the final piece needed to complete my full-scale Star Trek "Exploration Set."
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